Darren Bernhardt

Born-and-raised in Winnipeg, Darren Bernhardt has been writing as long as he can remember. He would scribble looping lines on a page and ask his mom what it said. When the skill was somewhat more refined, he filled pages of Hilroy notebooks with text and illustrations about weekend family outings and adventures with friends. Naturally, he became a journalist. He spent the first dozen years of his career working for newspapers in Saskatchewan before moving back to Winnipeg where he now lives with his wife, two kids and a dog in a 108-year-old house. He has been writing online for CBC Manitoba since 2009, specializing in offbeat and local history stories. He is the co-author of the 2005 JackPine Press chapbook, To Kerouac and Back and co-author of the play, Alison’s Leather Couch.